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When I started mountain biking in the spring of 2017, there was a bunch of info out there for beginners, but there was very little by beginners. This made starting mountain biking even more intimidating because everyone else seemed so good and I felt like I could never get as good as them. So I wanted to start a blog that was for beginners by a beginner (me). I want to show the process of practice makes perfect, or at least not terrible, to show others (and myself) that it's possible. It's possible to not be scared of every root and rock you ride over. It's possible to have both wheels in the air. It's possible to ride faster than you ever imagined. It's possible to start doing something you never expected to do, practice your heart out, and become a badass mountain biker!

Here are the stories of my mountain biking journey. Pretty much, if I can learn to mountain bike, then anyone can! Mountain biking is much more than just forcing your way through the trail. I'm slowly learning it's about trusting your bike and trusting yourself to move and flow around and over the obstacles. So if you want to go out for your first ride, but feel too intimidated, then hopefully my stories of ineptitude and failure (but eventually success) will give you the confidence to get out there. And if you've been riding for a long time, maybe you'll get a laugh out of this whole learning process because you've been there, done that, got the scars to prove it.

Follow this blog for stories of failures and successes on the trail. I'll post tips that I've learned along the way that have helped me get better/faster/stronger that hopefully will help you too. And I'll share my thoughts on training and racing that I've accumulated through almost a decade of doing triathlons, marathons, and lots in between.

I also want to represent and inspire the ladies on the trail and those that want to be on the trail (because really, who doesn't want to be a total badass ripping around in the dirt!).

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I rode a bike with training wheels until I was about 10 years old. Needless to say, biking has never come naturally to me. I've always had unnecessary helping of fear that I carry around whenever I do something even remotely dangerous. And mountain biking is no exception. But through many years of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I've found love on two wheels.

I started doing road triathlons in 2010 and have done over 30 sprint and olympic distance races, plus many 5k's, 10k's, two marathons, trail runs, and open water swim races. When I started mountain biking, I was no stranger to endurance sports. But despite the fact that I was in great shape, learning to mountain bike was a complete struggle for me. It was like learning to ride a bike from scratch. But because I love to push myself physically and mentally, I was instantly addicted to mountain biking.

None of this could have been possible without my amazing husband (and race sherpa) Alex! He bought me my first mountain bike (and second) and has taught me everything I know. Alex grew up causing mayhem on bikes. He road observed trials in high school and is one of the best mountain bikers I know (not saying that just because he's my hubby).

We currently live around Charleston, SC where there aren't many "mountains" to ride on. But we make do with the fun trails around Charleston and throughout the southeast.

 Here's my little saying to convince myself to get over an obstacle: 
"Pedal pedal pedal, no brakes!"

~ Zoemma

My husband Alex and I at a local ride getting covered in mud!

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