All our bikes

Mountain Bikes:

Scott Scale Contessa (2016)

Owner: Zoemma
Size: Large
Upgraded: Tires
Date purchased: March 2017, new on sale @ Race Pace Bicycles in Baltimore, MD
Fun fact: We were in Baltimore for a weekend and wanted to get Zoemma a bike, so we went to all the bike stores until we found this baby.

Diamondback Clutch 2 (2017)

Owner: Zoemma
Size: Small
Upgraded: Dropper post lever
Date purchased: May 2018, new on sale @
Fun fact: Zoemma rode Alex's Release while he was away and loved it so she decided she needed one. Now we have his and her Diamondbacks!

Fuji Cross 1.3 (2016)

Owner: Zoemma
Size: 52 cm
Upgraded: nothing
Date purchased: December 2017, new on sale @
Fun fact: The pineapples on the inside of the fork were a major factor in the rationale for purchasing this bike.

Kona Explosif (2017)

Owner: Alex
Size: Medium
Upgraded: dropper post, tires, volume spacers
Date purchased: March 2017, new @ Richmond Bicycle Studio in Richmond, VA
Fun fact: "It's a fun bike." - Alex

Diamondback Release 3 (2017)

Owner: Alex
Size: Medium
Upgraded: Tires, volume spacers, grips
Date purchased: November 2017, new on sale @
Fun fact: All of Alex's other bikes (except his trials bike) are steel.


Gu 24" (2018)

Owner: Alex
Size: one size fits some...
Upgraded: Rear tire, brake pads, ground rear rim, brake booster
Date purchased: September 2018, new,  on sale online somewhere
Fun fact: No, the seat and seatpost were not stolen. Trials bikes are so weird.

Road bikes

Fuji Aloha (2009)

Owner: Zoemma
Size: 54 cm
Upgraded: Tires, seat
Date purchased: November 2012, used on
Fun fact: Zoemma's dad tried to buy her a new fancy schmancy tri bike, but she likes passing people on her older bike too much to give it up.

Felt ZW75 (2012)

Owner: Zoemma
Size: 54 cm
Upgraded: nothing
Date purchased: May 2015, barely used on
Fun fact: The wooden bottle cage on this bike and Zoemma's tri bike are handmade by her dad.

Commuter/cruiser bikes

Specialized Hardrock (early '90s)

Owner: Zoemma
Size: ???
Upgraded: ???
Date purchased: Early '90s
Fun fact: This was Zoemma's mom's bike until she blew off all the dust it had accumulated and snagged it for commuting to grad school.

Caloi Malibu Hopper ('80s or '90s?)

Owner: Alex
Size: ???
Upgraded: Saddle, grips, tires, chain, chainring, pedals, seatpost
Date purchased: March 2018, used on
Fun fact: The closest replacement for Alex's favorite bike ever, the Windy City Cruiser. The Windy City's frame cracked after more jumps, stairs, and rough riding than is appropriate for any step through cruiser.

Jamis Coda (early '00s?)

Owner: Alex
Size: ???
Upgraded: lots of random parts
Date purchased: September 2015, used on
Fun fact: Great commuter now converted to tow bike for Alex's trials bike.

Future bikes?

Wooden cruiser bike

Fat tire bikes

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